Due to the fresh Wood Museum out of Springfield History

Frink internationalwomen.net lien, who was Henry Jackson’s employer, may have kept phrase about their trip to Belchertown. He had been afterwards accused away from helping Frazier and you may Jennings by taking “a great circuitous route” in order to Belchertown thru South-east Road and you will Bay Path to succeed time for the students dudes to act. Although not, Frink – who had been in addition to an effective deputy sheriff – reported you to Hezekiah Good questioned your commit that way as an alternative of using an equivalent station as stagecoach.

Shortly after notified, Frazier, Jackson, and you will Jennings sped to Belchertown for the a horse-and-buggy they lent from a good sympathetic white butcher. Frink got already introduced his passenger and you can retreated to help you the local bar by the time it turned up toward Belchertown prominent.

Sadly, the sole other identified proof of her son’s life is one to he was a citizen of the almshouse for the Brimfield during the 1857

Frazier inserted this new Playground Street home shopping for his brother, when you’re Jackson and you may Jennings waited throughout the truck. A disturbance erupted in your house, where Mrs. Shaw and you will a neighbor got Frazier – with Angeline in the possession – caught up inside an enthusiastic upstairs place. Giving an answer to the friend’s need guidance, Jackson and you may Jennings forced the ways to your house or over the staircase. They pushed Mrs. Shaw out and started the entranceway therefore the three guys contributed Angeline down the staircase, past a large group which was building, and you will on the buggy.

But not, their rushed trip try disturbed once they sped previous a driver planning a similar advice on Amherst. One rider, Sheriff Dwight, ordered these to stop. Dwight recognized Henry Jackson as one of their deputy’s devoted staff and you may, unacquainted with the brand new abduction, cautioned the newest dudes about take a trip within excess rates, upcoming sent them to their ways. Angeline are hustled into the Northern Amherst domestic regarding Spencer Chapel, a light farmer and you will abolitionist. The very next day, she try secretly transferred to help you Colrain for the home of a great black colored citizen, Charles Environmentally friendly.

Frazier, Jackson, Jennings and you will Frink were the detained for violence and kidnapping and you will they all had been totally free on the bail up to the trial inside the 1841. Their safety attorneys is an early on attorney entitled Edward Dickinson, whose individual daughter – the long run poet, Emily Dickinson – was just a-year younger than just Angeline Palmer.

They raced to Amherst

From the demonstration, Frink, the only white accused, try acquitted. One other three dudes was found guilty, but considering the liberty when they perform reveal this new whereabouts out-of Angeline Palmer. All of the around three denied and you may was indeed sentenced to 3 days throughout the state prison.

The newspapers just weren’t pleased with the brand new verdict. New Daily Hampshire Gazette opined: “People out of Amherst trust, fairly generally, your fears of the blacks had been justly thinking about this new absolutely nothing girl, and this Frazier is actually warranted from inside the saving their unique from the vision from humanity, otherwise on eyes of one’s statute rules.” A different papers, the latest Northampton Courier, lamented: “Encountered the selectmen of Amherst tampered and you can, due to the fact are the proper, not to say their duty, forbidden removing the brand new girl regarding Commonwealth, this difficulties and you will expense has been protected.”

The new prisoners on their own performed some thing less than “hard time.” This new jailer agreed to provide them with liberty daily on the hope which they create return to prison for every night. Regional townsfolk considering gifts of good dining into men to enhance the common jail fare. These were acclaimed while the heroes within the Amherst, through to its release.

Towards passage of time, brand new events regarding Angeline Palmer’s save yourself receded toward earlier in the day. She got gone back to Amherst because of the 1851 whenever she wed Sanford C. Jackson, the latest aunt out of Henry Jackson’s spouse (who was in addition to good Jackson). Angeline seem to died within this a couple of years of their own relationships, no matter if zero record from their own demise is known. Ahead of she died, Angeline drill a great young man, called Richard Lewis Jackson, produced with the 19 August 1852. It is also likely that Angeline passed away during the childbirth. Richard Lewis Jackson are detailed inside Amherst on the Massachusetts state census away from 1855 regarding care of a distant relative. He might was the fresh Richard Jackson which passed away because the good boy from the Monson almshouse out-of bright red temperature when you look at the 1858.

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