Gaining the fresh new Seas and Waters [ ]

New Titans initially met with the higher give, because they have been much more knowledgeable fighters just like the gods had little feel assaulting. But not, just like the several years of the war passed, the fresh gods quickly became skilled fighters too, and with the help of their brand new extremely powerful guns, therefore the support of your Older Cyclopes and you can Hekatonkheires, the latest gods in the long run been successful. Poseidon themselves became a very dangerous and you will ferocious warrior, and you can greatly contributed to the ultimate downfall away from Kronos with his Titanic supporters.

While preparing on last battle of the Combat, Poseidon with his sisters ascended in order to Install Olympus (the new tallest slope into the Greece immediately after Install Orthys). Inside the final competition, Zeus utilized his Learn Bolt in order to shear off of the finest regarding Install Othrys, and you can hurl Kronos regarding his Black Throne, beating the fresh Titan King. Quickly afterwards, this new gods invaded brand new spoils out-of Attach Orthys, lastly overrun Atlas, Hyperion, Iapetus, Krios, and Koios.

On aftermath of the battle, the brand new Older Cyclopes chained upwards most of the beaten Titans, once the Hekatonkheires forced them to kneel prior to Poseidon, Zeus, and you will Hades. Zeus grabbed their father’s scythe, and you will sliced Kronos toward a beneficial thousand parts, just before casting him into the Tartarus, with the rest regarding his supporters (except for General Atlas, who was compelled to hold the Air).

Shortly after their go back off Tartarus, Poseidon and his awesome siblings officially declared combat on Kronos additionally the other Titans, and that resulted in the fresh new scary ten-year-long Titanomachy

The brand new gods chose Install Olympus because their formal residence, and the Elderly Cyclopes founded breathtaking palaces here in their mind all. As a result, the new gods arrive at call by themselves the fresh Olympians. Eventually after that, Poseidon had a personal ending up in their brothers Hades and you can Zeus, therefore the around three brothers wanted to split the country anywhere between by themselves. Although it are Hades’ birthright (because the Kronos’ eldest young man) to-be named their dad’s successor, the guy wanted to split the fresh Titan King’s previous website name along with his brothers. Hades obtained the new Underworld, Poseidon caught the newest waters, and Zeus said the newest air because their website name. Immediately after this department, the three mighty sons out-of Kronos came to be also known as « the major Three. » Yet not, Zeus’ expert was still recognized as far better than regarding his brothers, due to your launching them out of Kronos, and he for this reason became the new Queen regarding Install Olympus also because Olympians.

Even so, it was obvious that there try stress anywhere between Poseidon and you can Zeus, to possess though the previous made an effort to follow the latter’s requests, he still found the latter become a steady annoyance. Other gods was basically and very cautious incase Poseidon (the sea) and you can Zeus (the fresh new heavens) been arguing, to have a battle between the two might possibly be catastrophic to everyone. Which, just after the new generation from gods established the particular domains, Rhea recommended you to Poseidon just take his hop out off Olympus to explore his brand new domain name of the waters, sending your to live to your Telekhines.

And that, Poseidon invested long towards Telekhines, which educated your not only in the methods of your water, and also to attain an advanced from experience more than their Trident. Once he’d learned all of that he might from their website, Poseidon made a decision to build his or her own palace, and very quickly met with the Elderly Cyclopes build Atlantis (his authoritative underwater residence) to possess him at the end of the Aegean Sea. Oceanus, this new Titan of your ocean, maybe not hoping to find a combat, relocated to significantly more better parts of the sea.

phitrite [ ]

At the beginning of his reign, Poseidon began seeking a wife. Their interest in the future considered the most beautiful Nereid, Amphitrite, however, she rejected their proposal and you can escaped. Thus, Poseidon turned really depressed, and pointlessly wandered on the their castle, bellowing « higher than just an effective humpback whale », giving many dolphins and you may giant squids terrible migraines.

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