Third, the sexes show an identical parts of the body: lead, chest, possession, and feet

Also, a beneficial philosophic lady want their particular college students more her very own lifetime

Into the ancient Roman philosophers, following its Greek predecessors, the mustache was the latest badge out-of a philosopher. Musonius asserted that men is slice the tresses into the his scalp how the guy prunes vines, by removing simply what exactly is ineffective and you may problematic. The latest beard, at the same time, shouldn’t be shaven, the guy insisted, while the (1) nature will bring they to protect an effective mans face, and (2) the latest beard ‘s the emblem out of dick, the human same in principle as new cock’s brush additionally the lion’s hair. Hair should never be trimmed in order to enhance or even please female or boys. Hair is not any longer difficulties for men than feathers try getting birds, Musonius told you. Therefore, shaving otherwise fastidiously cutting your mustache have been serves away from emasculation.

5. Women and you can Equal Education

Musonius offered his belief that women need to receive the exact same knowledge within the opinions because guys to the following objections. Basic, the new gods have given feminine a similar stamina off reason just like the guys. Reason considers whether a task is useful or bad, honorable otherwise embarrassing. 2nd, women have the same senses once the dudes: sight, hearing, smell, additionally the other people. 4th, feminine features an equal curiosity about advantage and you may a natural attraction for this. Women, at the very least men, is actually naturally happy by noble, just deeds and you will censure the opposites. For this reason, Musonius concluded, it is only since the right for women to examine values, and and thus to look at how to real time honorably, as it’s for men.

Moreover, he reasoned, a lady can perform a property, so you’re able to account fully for things good for they, in order to watch your family group. A woman should also have thinking-handle. She need to be without sexual improprieties and must get it done mind-control of other delights. She need to neither become a servant to help you wants, neither quarrelsome, neither extravagant, neither vain. A personal-controlled lady, Musonius believed, regulation their fury, isn’t overcome from the despair, that will be more powerful than all feeling. Nevertheless these will be the character traits from a pleasant person, whether or not male or female.

Musonius debated one a lady just who degree thinking was simply, good blameless mate in life, a and you can such-oriented co-staff, a mindful protector out-of husband and you can people, and you will free about love of acquire and you will avarice. She would respect they even worse doing completely wrong rather than getting wronged, and you may even worse when planning on taking more than an individual’s express than to endure losses. Nobody, Musonius insisted, could be way more simply than simply she. She’d not think twice to challenge to fru turkisk protect their particular pupils any more than a hen you to matches which have predators bigger than simply this woman is to safeguard their particular chicks.

The guy noticed it befitting the best lady as a whole lot more brave than an uneducated woman as well as a woman competed in beliefs become significantly more daring than one to untrained in the philosophy. Musonius listed the group off Amazons overcome most people which have firearms, therefore proving that ladies is actually fully with the capacity of bravely doing equipped conflict. The guy consider it right for the fresh philosophic lady never to fill in so you’re able to things uncomfortable of concern about demise or pain. Nor is it appropriate for their particular so you can bend down seriously to anybody, whether really-created, strong, wealthy, if you don’t good tyrant. Musonius watched the fresh new philosophic woman since the holding the same beliefs given that the brand new Stoic guy: she thinks nobly, does not court dying as a bad, nor life becoming a good, neither shrinks out of discomfort, nor pursues diminished serious pain above all else. Musonius think they likely that this type of lady could be self-inspired and you can persevering, perform nipple-offer their unique people, suffice their particular husband along with her individual hands, and you may do instead of concern work and this particular admiration once the befitting submissives. For this reason, he evaluated one to a woman such as this was a virtue to possess their unique husband, a way to obtain prize to possess their kinfolk, and you may an example to your women that discover their own.

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